There have been a lot of ideas about how to allow multi-writer web pages. The simplest implementation is the classic wiki (everybody can write everything), the most useless idea in this area is Annotea which requires modifications at the client (as proof of irrelevance, they implemented it for Amaya). There are many applications where the ability to add comments would be useful, and where the wiki concept allows too much mischief. A group of brazilians implemented what they call co-links. This trickery of php/sql/javascript allows readers to insert links in a text and add links to existing lists of links. They require no modifications at the browser and the new links are stored at the server (not always a pro, but a good start when compared to annotea, where all modifications are stored at the W3C), but not the content they point at. A nice application would be, e.g. a distributedly annotated edition of a literary text.

Mon, 21 Feb 2005
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