Web of Trust Betweenness Centrality Stats UPDATE

New Betweenness Centrality Stats available. Lots of changes in the ranking. New shooting star is the CaCert pubkey.

Key creation time and sigs from forgotten keys influences the ranking

All norms on key graphs have to deal with time somehow. This is because keys are created over time, revoked, they expire, their passphrases are forgotten … Signatures expire, point to revoked keys … In the BC norm, this has a side-effect on newer keys: since newer keys will never get signatures from revoked or unused keys, they are at a serious disadvantage (sorry, weasel :-)). If there are n keys in the component, and only one has a link to/from an old key, then it's BC will increase by n-2 (because n-2 shortest paths lead through it to the forgotten key). At the moment I see no way of repairing this.

Description of the technique is in another post.

This and previous results are at http://pestilenz.org/~bauerm/wotstats.html .

Tue, 31 Jan 2006
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