24 bottles of beer... UPDATE

I offer 12 Liters of top-quality Franconian beer (Leutenbacher Drummer-Bräu) for fixes of each of the following:

  • plan9ports: provide a libthread for OpenBSD-amd64.
  • OpenBSD: vi: make 'vi -r' work after a power failure.
  • OpenBSD: i386: make SMP work on IBM ThinkPad X60.
    UPDATE works now as of 4.2-stable
  • OpenBSD: Software Suspend ala swsusp to get around all that silly ACPI stuff.
  • OpenBSD: AMD64: Enable a MAXDSIZE of greater than 1 Gb.
    UPDATE it's now 8 Gb in OpenBSD 4.4-beta
  • OpenBSD: VAX: ELF with dynamically loadable objects.
  • OpenBSD: all: port Ai's setmacaddr patch to 3.6.
    UPDATE The 12 l for this have been (successfully) claimed by Christian Kellermann with his patch to current.
    UPDATE The OpenBSD team added the feature to the source (by a different patch, prs 2117 and 2118).
  • libGMP: Support AMD64 with true 64bit arithmetics.
  • GnuPG: all hash implementations in cipher/ have a function {md,md5,rmd160,sha1,sha256,sha512}_write. The implementation is quite obfuscated with a totally unnecessary level of recursion with several terminating conditions. Replace these _write functions by something more readable. UPDATE The terrible code is by Ulrich Drepper, not gnupg's author Werner Koch.
  • GnuPG: add functionality for signing arbitrary PKTs, thus allowing signatures on signatures.
  • libnet: functions for construction of arbitrary chains of all possible IPv6 headers.
Mail your patch and we'll organize the delivery.

Thu, 03 Jul 2008
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