Drawterm port for OpenBSD

Russ Cox's drawterm is a terminal program to connect to a Plan9 CPU server from Unix.
This is a port for OpenBSD (i386, amd64, sgi and sparc64).

Plan9 normally provides a graphical user interface instead of just a Command Line Interface on login, and so does drawterm. In Plan9 terms, it exports a part of the Unix box's drawing device, the keyboard and the mouse to the CPU server and the programs started there more or less directly draw on the window. No need for X-Forwardings and the like. In addition it exports the user's $home directory to the CPU server as /mnt/term, so that the usual routine of

host1$ ssh host2
host2$ <do something>
host2$ exit
host1$ scp host2:~/some/where/file .
host1$ scp ~/stuff.c host2:~/src/.
host1$ ssh host2
host2$ <do stuff>


unix$ drawterm -a authsrv -c cpusrv
...    <open shell windows, start editor, ...>
plan9$ cp $home/some/where/file /mnt/term/.
plan9$ cp /mnt/term/stuff.c $home/src/.
plan9$ <do stuff>

Tue, 31 Mar 2009
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