The Son of the Return of Yet Another Posting about Programming Fonts

screenshot of a text editor with the Operator fontClick to enlarge

Like almost everybody doing stuff with computers, I played around with various monospaced fonts. Since the old days of pixilated characters on green-glowing 25×80 terminals a lot of effort has been put into usable fonts for programmers.

This went so far that hackers joined the ranks of font designers, for example Raph Levien with his Inconsolata and his other fonts, not to forget his library Spiro which is integrated in the open source fontdesign tool fontforge.

(Another hacker who did impressive work on fonts — albeit not for programming — is Ben Whitmore with his redesign of Bruce Roger's Centaur, the Coelacanth type family)

Over the years I used Inconsolata, Vera Sans Mono and even Meier's Syntax for coding.

Recently I stumbled over — and subsequently bought — Operator (Mono), a typewriter-inspired font by the famous type designers at Hoefler & Co. It's the only programmer's font with its own documentary AFAIK.

Thu, 06 May 2021
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