abc2ps for setting music sheets

For the wedding we needed some music sheets printed, so the guests can sing along. And I am sure I won't know anything at this point besides agreeing with the procedure :)

Since my soon-to-be-wife cannot typeset music sheets (lack of tools) I went out to seek rescue. And I have found it. The little tool is calles abc2ps by Michael Methfessel. This produces nicely typeset music sheets as postscripts which can then be layouted as we wish using F.'s knowledge and experience. From a geek' standpoint this was also an interesting test for OpenBSD's mmap'ed malloc system call. This software included a couple of unchecked array references that reproducably worked on another linux machine but crashed on OpenBSD. After a couple of gdb / gcc runs these have been fixed and the resulting patches have been sent to its author. I am currently eagerly waiting for his reply.

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