Published articles:

OpenBSD ready for serious business
posted on 2020-03-18
New year's todos: Making a PDF calendar with cairo
posted on 2016-10-20
Running my own mailer - Adventures with OpenSMTPd
posted on 2016-07-08
Interplanetary blog mirror established
posted on 2016-03-05
The Code It Yourself Manifesto
posted on 2016-01-12
Pee - A password manager for the command line
posted on 2016-01-11
Fractals Invaders in doodle
posted on 2014-09-10
Escape the robots!
posted on 2013-07-22
Scheme 9 from empty space mirror update
posted on 2012-10-12
Nostalgia number game done the CHICKEN way
posted on 2012-09-26
(the little gamer): Beesteroids, written in CHICKEN Scheme
posted on 2012-09-04
On Frameworks
posted on 2012-08-05
Handling callbacks into Chicken from other threads
posted on 2012-05-28
To be or not to be... a game of life in Chicken Scheme
posted on 2012-05-10
A map of all the cities...
posted on 2012-02-07
Growing digital plants with a chicken turtle
posted on 2012-02-06
Visualising GPS data with CHICKEN Scheme
posted on 2012-02-05
Parley - Line editing for CHICKEN Scheme
posted on 2011-07-16
Coops - An introduction to chicken scheme's object system
posted on 2010-12-16
Scheme 9 from empty space mirrored here
posted on 2010-12-08
The pomodoro technique done the chicken way
posted on 2010-11-10
Learning scheme with interactive fiction
posted on 2010-10-12
Blogging with chicken scheme -- Hyde compiles for the web
posted on 2010-09-19
An afternoon with Wolfram's automata part 2
posted on 2010-04-05
An afternoon with Wolfram's automata
posted on 2010-04-03
Confirmation before sending patches
posted on 2009-11-10
PF - easy to set up and easy to forget
posted on 2009-11-10
More concurrency scheme work done
posted on 2009-09-19
Readline workaround for csi
posted on 2009-08-21
threads with mailboxes in chicken scheme
posted on 2009-08-20
Ugarit - Encrypted block storage backup in scheme!
posted on 2009-06-21
Tabbed browsing with dillo
posted on 2009-04-13
Arduino IDE for Debian 64bit mipsel
posted on 2009-02-25
Dotplots rediscovered
posted on 2008-12-28
New feature in darcs
posted on 2008-12-24
pushd and popd for ksh
posted on 2008-10-06
Cleaner is better
posted on 2008-09-29
Sending mail with Plan9
posted on 2008-07-17
Deleting in the age of namespaces
posted on 2008-07-08
Drawterm woes on the iBook (OpenBSD/X11) or where is my Backspace key?
posted on 2008-04-17
Side-by-side assemblies
posted on 2008-04-08
/* You are not expected to understand this */
posted on 2008-03-27
The return of ASCII only
posted on 2008-03-23
Remote administration of a plan9 auth server
posted on 2008-03-20
A port of inferno emu for OpenBSD
posted on 2008-01-03
Compiling STLPort for Microsofts embedded Visual C++
posted on 2007-11-14
#ifdefs considered harmful
posted on 2007-11-13
Changing passwords in Plan9
posted on 2007-10-31
Securing VNC with TLS on plan9
posted on 2007-09-29
How plan9's user authentication works (maybe)
posted on 2007-09-28
Things I would like to have for plan9
posted on 2007-04-20
Es gibt wieder einen tor Knoten
posted on 2007-01-11
Neue Heimat fuer /dev/urandom
posted on 2006-11-05
Plan 9 from outer space
posted on 2006-09-30
Pimp my Rights (Vol.1)
posted on 2006-09-21
The Wealth of The Networks
posted on 2006-09-14
Spin by Brian Springer
posted on 2006-09-13
Sniffing bei Tor
posted on 2006-08-27
posted on 2006-08-02
Melden sie sich am Schalter A38...
posted on 2006-07-16
Emacs vs. Vi entschieden
posted on 2006-06-27
posted on 2006-06-19
conkeror - Browsen ohne Maus
posted on 2006-06-18
GPSBabel für OpenBSD
posted on 2006-06-13
posted on 2006-06-12
Garmin Geko 201
posted on 2006-06-10
Change of CSS
posted on 2006-06-08
posted on 2006-06-01
Jamendo -- Creative Commons music portal
posted on 2006-05-31
Restructuring the wiki
posted on 2006-05-27
abc2ps for setting music sheets
posted on 2006-05-14
Standards are boring
posted on 2006-05-10
QEmu for Windows
posted on 2006-05-08
Black box
posted on 2006-05-05
HTTP::Recorder as starting point for web automation
posted on 2006-04-23
Modern disk encryption
posted on 2006-04-22
22C3 Videos released
posted on 2006-04-20
Wedding planning
posted on 2006-04-19
Office work
posted on 2006-04-18
This blog will soon move
posted on 2006-04-18
Origami paper cd cases
posted on 2006-04-17
IRC 2.0
posted on 2006-04-13
posted on 2006-04-12
Own your city...
posted on 2006-04-04
Own your city...
posted on 2006-04-03
Bundling darcs patches when offline...
posted on 2006-03-31
Bundling darcs patches when offline...
posted on 2006-03-30
A label that treats customers right
posted on 2006-03-29
The 'we are not evil' record label
posted on 2006-03-28
Sorting is beautiful
posted on 2006-03-28
Sorting is beautiful
posted on 2006-03-27
How to build a DVB-T antenna...
posted on 2006-03-27
SSH in a box...
posted on 2006-03-27
SSH in a box...
posted on 2006-03-26
Roche's bestseller Tamiflu not as good as advertised?
posted on 2006-03-22
Sign the petition to ensure map data stays free!
posted on 2006-03-22
Why you cannot trust a blackbox
posted on 2006-03-22
Why you cannot trust a blackbox
posted on 2006-03-21
There are times that you need to concentrate...
posted on 2006-03-10
Why lisp is cool
posted on 2006-03-07
Why is lisp cool?
posted on 2006-03-06
One World, one Application, one Folder
posted on 2006-02-28
posted on 2006-02-23
Coke kills
posted on 2006-02-23
Scalable RSS using pastry: Feedtree
posted on 2006-02-21
Earth's Seas will be dead soon?
posted on 2006-02-20
Nuclear Plants are not a longterm option
posted on 2006-02-14
Flash version of Commander Keen Episode 1
posted on 2006-02-14
Unidentified bugs detected
posted on 2005-12-16
Computer generated music revisited
posted on 2005-11-24
My Spam collection of today
posted on 2005-11-23
Things not to do....
posted on 2005-11-23
Open projects
posted on 2005-11-22
ssh eavesdropping
posted on 2005-11-17
Listen to ssh
posted on 2005-11-16
Repititive Information Injury
posted on 2005-11-16
PSI only pseudo-secure?
posted on 2005-11-09
Get rid of the Beep(tm)
posted on 2005-11-09
Another one bites the dust...
posted on 2005-11-04
Computer generated sounds revisited
posted on 2005-11-04
in memoriam...
posted on 2005-11-03
Schneier on Security: Authenticating People by their Typing Pattern
posted on 2005-11-02
Next time...
posted on 2005-11-02
Perl in chroot()
posted on 2005-11-02
Funny comments
posted on 2005-11-02
Writebacks enabled in this blog
posted on 2005-11-02
Nice extensions for handling YUVs
posted on 2005-11-02
OpenOffice 2.0 on OpenBSD 3.8
posted on 2005-11-01
OpenBSD 3.8 CDs arrived!
posted on 2005-10-28
Falling into the Geocaching trap
posted on 2005-10-28
Old style new movie
posted on 2005-10-26
The best move to win is not to play
posted on 2005-10-25
Simple Mailing List Manager
posted on 2005-10-25
New books from book fair, Frankfurt
posted on 2005-10-25
Is humanity neglecting its self destruction?
posted on 2005-10-25
Lockpicking Guide
posted on 2005-10-25
Forum for pdf related issues
posted on 2005-10-24
Meet the new kid on the blo{g|ck}
posted on 2005-10-24
Free online novels
posted on 2005-10-24
Amazon replacement wanted
posted on 2005-10-20
Tagging as a way to fuzzy search in p2p networks
posted on 2005-10-20
Let someone else read your news
posted on 2005-10-20
Now on the hype: Tagging enabled on this useless blog
posted on 2005-10-19
Paper archive started
posted on 2005-10-06
The internet is fast again
posted on 2005-09-29
Never forgetting those birthdays again...
posted on 2005-09-21
Why PocketPc sucks
posted on 2005-09-16
Port of mutella for OpenBSD-3.7
posted on 2005-07-18
Who is logging what? Logfinder might find out...
posted on 2005-02-08
View your mind for OpenBSD
posted on 2005-01-31
SBCL-0.8.19 on FreeBSD
posted on 2005-01-31
Next Project: Transferring Jabber Contacts from one server to another
posted on 2005-01-28
setmacaddr-patch for OpenBSD-current
posted on 2005-01-27
Bring Lopster to a more current version (1.2.2) in OpenBSD's ports
posted on 2005-01-27

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