Bundling darcs patches when offline...

Of course your ISP will disconnect your machine when you need it most. So I haven't been able to push my latest changes to my backup machine. Bundling up the changes did not work also because darcs wants to check the remote repository first (which is of course perfectly sane). There is no option to bundle up the latest n patches so I came up with a different approach:

  1. Make a copy of your local repository: darcs get original_repo tmp cd tmp
  2. Remove the patches that you want to bundle: darcs unrecord
  3. Move back cd original_repo darcs send -o patches tmp
  4. You can now remove the tmp repository.

zooko pointed out that creating an empty repository and darcs sending to it also suffices. But in my case darcs would just 'hang' eating RAM and do nothing for 20 minutes. The other approach is a lot faster. No real data should get copied if you place the tmp repository on the same filesystem. Darcs uses hard links in this case.


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