Arduino IDE for Debian 64bit mipsel

After some tweaking with the lib I got a working arduino IDE for my yeeloong netbook. (They wrote arduino in java to be platform independent but included a 32bit i386 shared object lib without reference of its source?!) So to replicate this you will need the following packages:

avr-gcc, openjdk-6-jre, and avr-libc After installing those you will need to get rxtx lib from the archive (version 2.1-7).

This will need additional patching since newer kernel versions define UTS_VERSION in linux/utsrelease.h now instead of version.h. Also linux/io.h is now known as linux/uio.h. Furthermore you will need to add 1.6 to the / configure script:

 --- 21611,21617 ----
         TARGETLIB="\$(target_triplet)/ \
         case $JAVA_VERSION in
 !       1.2*|1.3*|1.4*|1.5*|1.6*)
                 #fix_parameters $JPATH/jre/lib/
                 CLASSPATH=".:\$(TOP):\$(TOP)/src:"`find $JPATH/ -name RXTXcomm.jar |head -n1`

(Taken from this email).

If you miss this step RXTX_PATH will not be set properly and you will get an obscure java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:; thrown while loading

when starting arduino.

Now run configure, make and copy the to your build/linux/work/lib directory. You will find this in mips64el-unknown-linux/.libs/ in your rxtx directory. Also copy the RXTXcomm.jar file.

After that run ./ in the arduino/build/linux and maybe ./ and you will get a tarball with your arduino IDE! You can grab my copy here.

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