Falling into the Geocaching trap

The sports of geocaching has received more publicity lately. It seems that now more and more people are getting into seeking and hiding boxes in the wild for others. Up to now there has been one central place for geocachers all over the world to enter their caches online.

But "the Global Headquarters forthe Sport of Geocaching"

seems to lock up more.

I have been startled by the way the company locked the ability to have a good map view of their caches (via google maps for example). I am (now) fully aware that a company behind a community forum will never act in the user's interest at all. A company's primary goal is to increase profit after all.

I am angry at myself for falling into that Java Trap for geocaching myself as I have submitted a small amount of information to their site. As far as I understand their Terms of use (local copy) I am still free to take the data I entered on their site and transfer it somewhere else.

I encourage anyone to move over to other site taking their own data with them. For Germany opencaching.de seems to be a good alternative. Let's get those caches moved now! Before the site is locked to paying customers only.

P.S.: I am not allowed to use a bot to do this work so this is going to be rather tedious work...

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