The internet is fast again

For my 500MHz Via Mini-ITX machine I have been searching for an appropriate web browser for quite some time. I have always been fond of dillo but the lack of frames support, ssl and basic authentication made it impossible to access some websites that proved to be essential for me. Now the joined-effort-patch from Kiyo (, available at his website, does the job.

It requires some fiddling to get it running on OpenBSD though. Since the configure script insists on linking static and dynamic libraries together, namely libiconv.a and libintl.a. This produces unreferenced calls to gettext and family. After modifying the Makefiles and altering LDFLAGS to use -liconv and -lintl respectively it compiled just fine. As soon as I get to understand how to convince autoconf/automake to respect this I will provide a port for -current. Promissed :) If the openminded reader would know how to do this offhand I would certainly appreciate any pointers in the right direction...

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