Why PocketPc sucks

it really does. Since the last development effort with it a lot of things have been really disturbing. First of all there are serious Applications missing, e.g. <ul> <li> Webbrowser. I have to live with a trial version of NetFront <li> Commandline. Since debugging windowless apps is no fun without one. The one provided by MS is not easily available, but fortunately there are a few free alternatives. <li> Processcontrol. Since the Apps won't exit when pressing the "x" button, the user has no control over the apps running. As there isn't some equivalent of a task manager, windowless apps are even more persistent. You will learn how to rip out that iPaq and hit the reset button on the bottom really fast over time... Fortunately there is Magic Button for quitting window applications. I have not found any usable task manager yet though <li> Integrated Development Environment. I know there is Visual C++ Embedded. But since it seems really abandoned by their makers (no usable docs on the possible settings, nor fixing the mist annoying processor architecture bug, ...) it is in a much-left-to-be-desired stage. </ul>

All in all: Developing on this platform is no fun ...

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