Remember how I mentioned the java programmes feedtree and freenet? Well after installing and bootstrapping java for openbsd I got to try them on my 500 MHz / 256 Mb VIA Mini-ITX board. Which fun at all. Or to rephrase that: It does not seem to work. Not very well at least. Freenode sites are loading slow (which was expected) and the node process seems to recover its threads over and over again. I don't know what causes this maybe a system layer 8 problem, maybe my old machine here or the lack of computing power and / or memory... I got tired of trying, which is, at the time of writing this a bit sad :(. The second candidate is feedtree, which is not able to find the bootstrap node port 29690. My telnet can so I guess this is a different issue...

Oh well, good night, good fight!

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