A port of inferno emu for OpenBSD

I have been on the lookout of a backup client for all of my systems and Inferno seems to be a nice candidate. Unfortunately there is no emu for OpenBSD. It turned out that porting is not too hard and thanks to Mechiel I could fix a major 'bug' that appeared whenever the Img module got loaded. It turned out that I need to set the executable bit on those pages. Thanks again Mechiel for pointing this out! Other than this it seems pretty stable I have been using inferno-os and acme-sac for the last couple days.

Now why do the work all over again when Mechiel has invented this wheel already? Lack of personal web search :). But this has the nice side effect that I now have an emu that relies on Posix threads instead of rthreads which is not enabled on default OpenBSD installations ( for good reason ).

If you are interested, you can grab a copy

To install unzip the tarball in your inferno root, adjust your mkconfig and set your stack limit to 6M, the building steps are the usual ones.

I'd appreciate any comments and improvements!

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